5 Cool Features of Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 is not the best selling phone that Samsung came up with. But, it does have some cool features that smartphone users can appreciate. Here is a list of 5 Galaxy S9 features which are fun to explore.

Edge Lighting Effects, a Cool Feature of Galaxy S9

Edge lighting was available in Samsung Galaxy S8 but S9 offers users more control and additional lighting options. Edge lighting effects basically alert a user of incoming notifications by lighting up the curved edge of the phone. S9 offers 4 lighting options to choose from, basic, multicolor, glow and glitter. Users can also set the transparency, duration and width of the lighting.

Edge lighting can be activated in two ways. Firstly, you can pull down the notification bar and tap on Edge Lighting icon to activate it. Or you can go to Settings > Display > Edge screen > and toggle Edge lighting to on.

galaxy s9 edge lighting effects

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor has been around for a while but those of you who are first time Galaxy users will find it quite useful. Heart rate monitor feature is part of the Samsung Health app. To measure your heart rate, open Samsung Health app and scroll down and tap on the measure button next to the heart rate. You will need to put your finger on the sensor next to your rear camera lens. Please note, the heart rate monitor is for tracking fitness and wellness only and not suitable for diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.

s9 heart rate monitor

Super Slow Motion Videos

Super slow motion videos, or as Samsung calls it, Super Slow-Mo Videos, is one of the most advertised feature of S9. Galaxy S9 is capable of recording 0.2s of slow-mo video at 960 frames per second. The video is then stretched to a 6 second clip at 720p resolution. The feature is available within the Camera app. The slow-mo videos work best with excellent lighting condition, such as a sunny day. In poor lighting condition, the phone does alert the user that natural light is required for the effect to work properly.

super slow motion videos s9

AR Emojis

In response to Apple’s Animojis, Samsung introduced AR Emojis. This feature allows a user to create a 3D animated version of themselves. If you are wondering what AR stands for, it’s Augmented Reality. Users can add fun effects such as wallpapers, stickers and animal faces. The option is available through the Camera app when it’s in selfie mode. To play with the feature, tap on the AR Emoji option at the top of the screen while taking in selfie mode.

ar emoji s9 feature

Split Screen View for Running Two Apps Together

Galaxy S9 has a useful feature which allows users to run two apps simultaneously using a split window. This is great for multitasking. To enable split window, simply open two apps. Then tap the recent button, which looks like what’s shown below.

s9 recent button

From the recent apps screen, long tap on the icon of the app to make the menu appear with the split screen view option. Tap on open in split screen view. You will notice the screen will now split into two sections. Tap on the next app and it will open in the lower portion of the screen. To exit from the split screen view, simply tap the recent button and close all apps.

split screen s9

Did you discover some other cool features of S9? Share your discoveries using the comments form below. If you own the phone, checkout some of our Galaxy S9 wallpapers.

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