Fido 4GB LTE Data Plan for only $10/month

Are you looking for a fast and reliable data plan for your tablet? Fido is offering an excellent plan for only $10/month when you bring your own tablet. With this plan, you get 4GB data on fast LTE network. At $10/month, this is a bargain.

Who Qualifies for Fido 4GB Data Plan?

You need to be a Fido postpaid customer. As per Fido’s terms, voice only, data only, prepaid and home phone users are not eligible. To qualify, you could sign up for their lowest phone plan and then perhaps cancel later on if you no longer require it. Also, you will need to have your own tablet. Fido does offer several low end tablets for $0 but on 2 years contract. The contract price per month with the tablet included is $15 per month and you get less data, about 2gb.

How to Make the Best use of this 4GB Data Plan?

This plan is excellent for those who have dual SIM phones. So, you could run a voice only plan and this 4GB data plan side by side. Some users have stated that the SIM is compatible with their phones, so a tablet is not necessary. If you have a single SIM phone, this will allow you to opt for a data only plan.

The 4GB data plan from Fido doesn’t allow you to send SMS or receive phone calls by default. If you need to make phone calls, you can look into fongo and These companies offer voice calls for a minimal fee. The quality of the calls are not the best but if you don’t need to make many calls, they will do.

How to Sign up?

Signing up is quite simple. Here are the step:

fido 4gb data plan


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