How to convert an image to a PDF in Android

We have all been to a situation where someone we are dealing with needed us to send an ID, copy of a bill or signed form through email. Well, these days, we don’t really have a scanner. So, how do to do this on the fly in the easiest possible way? Android phones can do this in a zap and you will have your PDF ready to go in no time. This article discusses how to convert an image to a PDF file using your Android phone.

How to Convert an Image to a PDF File

The first method involves using the Gallery app to create a PDF from a photo or an image which is already on your phone. This is done using the Print option in the Gallery app. Let’s look at the steps:

  • Take a new photo or open the image or photo you wish to convert using the Gallery app
  • Tap on the three vertical dotted line on the top right corner of the screen and select Print.
    convert image to pdf step 1
  • Tap on the drop down menu on top of the screen and select Save as PDF
    convert image to pdf step 2
  • Android will now prompt you to choose a location to save the file. Select a folder and tap on the Done button at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it, now you have a PDF file converted from a photo or an image.

Using Other Apps to Create PDF Files

Some notable apps you can use to make PDFs on the fly are Cam Scanner and Office Lens. You may also use Google Drive to convert your documents to PDF. Google Drive has a scan icon which allows you to quickly scan something and convert to a PDF. Evernote and Dropbox also has good scanning features.

Some Tips for Creating Great PDF Files

To make the the best possible PDF version of your image or photo, try the following:

  • Use bright lighting
  • Place the document on a flat surface
  • Focus on the document using your camera as much as possible
  • Use dark color background if your document is white and light color if the document is dark

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