How to lock apps on Android Phones

Locking apps on your phone can be for many reasons. For example, you may want to lock your photo gallery, so people who borrow your phone can’t look at your personal pictures. You may also want to lock out sensitive apps, such as your banking, messaging and email apps. Perhaps, you want to lock an app so your children or other family members won’t have access to it for privacy reasons. This article will discuss how to lock an app on Android phone.

How to Lock Apps on Android

Not all phones come with software to allow you to lock apps. For that reason, you will need to download an app to lock an app. I personally use AppLock on my phone. AppLock is pretty simple to use and does the job very well. 

The first step to locking an app is to download AppLock. You can do that by using your Play Store app and searching for AppLock. Once downloaded, setup a password or pin number for accessing AppLock.

To lock an app, ensure you are in the PRIVACY section. Scroll down to the General section and look for the app you wish to lock. Simply tap on the lock icon to lock the app.

Once the app is locked, opening the app will require a pin number to be put in before the app can be fully accessible. It is important that you remember this pin number.

lock apps on android applock

To unlock an app, you just have to tap on the lock icon again. If you have very sensitive information on your phone, you might want to lock the settings as well. This will eliminate one way of getting rid of the AppLock app. 

Using AppLock can be annoying as putting in a pin number each time is not very fun. But, if you do store sensitive information in your phone, the pain is worth it.

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