How to Price Match Using Your Smartphone

Your smartphone helps you keep up-to-date with the world. Did you know, it can also help you save money while you shop? That’s right, you can turn your smartphone into a money saving machine with retailers who price match with their competetors.

How to Price Match Using the Phone

Traditionally, shoppers would carry flyers with them to the store to price match. I have seen some shoppers carrying a bundle of flyers and flipping through them endlessly, slowing down the entire line behind them. It’s not a fun experience to have.

This is where apps, such as Flipp, come to the rescue. Flipp displays digital flyers from various retailers. The flyers are basically digital version of their paper flyers. Flipp allows you to search by products and retailers. This is particularly handy as searching for a product lists the prices from all the retailers with a flyer in Flipp, allowing you to quickly compare prices from your local vendors.

Flipp search feature for price matching

Price matching with Flipp is easy. Once you locate a flyer you want to price match with, simply tap on the product on the flyer to add it to your list. You can add multiple products to the list and pull them out instantly when you are ready to price match.

price match list

One thing you need to pay attention is the effective date of the flyer. Flipp does preview upcoming flyers, so you will need to be careful that you are not trying to price match with something which is not effective yet. The cashier does check the flyer dates as part of their price matching procedure.

Some retailers won’t accept prices with stores outside 100km radius. So, it will be wise to pick flyers which are in close proximity. Moreover, you can also try price matching with online retailers. But, some retailers are reluctant to price match with online vendors.

Flipp is available in USA and Canada.

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