Is Fonus a Phony Phone Company?

Few days ago, Fonus issued a press release claiming to be world’s first global phone carrier. The company is offering unlimited data, calling and texting for only $30 US per month. Roaming is also free in 40 countries. But before you get your hopes too high, Fonus may not be a legitimate company.

Fonus Website is too Simple

Fonus has a very simple website,, and the simplicity of the site makes the company look illegitimate. The website has no company address and contact information aside from a contact form. A Whois search reveals the site is hosted on Wix, a free website maker.

The live chat feature has no real human behind the system, only another contact form to leave a message. The social media link leads to a Reddit page.

fonus reddit page

As for making payments to the company, the site does have a valid security certificate issued by Sectigo RSA.

The website currently allows individuals to order a SIM card, there is no mention of how they sign up for a monthly plan.

A legitimate company would provide an address, a phone number or at least an email address. Fonus provides none of those.

Complaints from Others

To be honest, the deal offered by Fonus is a pretty good deal. So, many people did jump in and ordered the plan from Fonus website. Unfortunately, after the order placement, the confirmation email received had no useful information. Yes, it is too early to comment whether this company is real or fake, but if you are thinking of buying their plan or SIM card, please be careful and wait a bit longer.

When you deal with a company with limited contact information, you are risking losing your money in case the company simply disappears. Keep in mind, Fonus is just a few days old. A website and a domain name do not make a company legitimate.

There have been cases where some users were refused refund when they raised concerns with the validity of the company.

If you dealt with Fonus in anyway, I would like to hear your side of the story. Please use the comment form below to share your comments so others may benefit.

11 thoughts on “Is Fonus a Phony Phone Company?”

  1. Hey guys… First, sorry for my english language, i’am french speaking from (Quebec Canada).

    I receided my sim on may 22 and i had activated this on may 23. One hour later, i reboot my phone et everything work, phone call, text message and data. For now i can’t say if data is unlimited.

    – In Quebec Canada and at this time, Fonus work on Rogers network.
    – Phone number is from New york and i can’t get one orportint one into Canada Local.
    Consequence, anyone who call me is long distance.
    – Unfortunately, in my sector, Rogers don’t have enough tower and Fonus don’t work on Bell or
    telus network. I live in the countryside, probably Rogers is better in other region or in town.

    For those who say “it doesn’t work”, it’s because they haven’t tried it. Understand, if a french is able to operate fonus, anyone is able.

    Try it before you speak for nothing

  2. I’m sorry, JB, but I’ve been following the Fonus story and that’s simply not true.

    The SIM “works” because it is an AT&T card. Fonus is an AT&T reseller. It cannot roam in 40+ countries, data is throttled after certain amounts of usage, and you will never have the ability to have a Canadian number because AT&T cannot provide that.

    Found has failed to deliver on almost all of its promises. The fact that people who ordered in November are, at long last, getting their SIM cards in late May/early June does not mean that this is the service that was paid for.

  3. Been a customer for 1 month and no complaint here. Yes the service and website looks and feel like a startup, but for 30$ a month on something new, you need to give it a try. I have a usa number, unlimited mms, sms, calling. Able to roam on MULTIPLE carrier, Bell, Rogers, Telus in my area and its working great. You might be throttled after 22gb of data. I think its a fair amount of data ( its not a home internet replacement, its a phone!!!)Its prepaid service, i was glad i bought 1 month and no regret so far.

  4. Eugene Robitaille

    It makes about two years this article was written. Is there any long term Fonus Customers who can confirm the quality of a Fonus service ?

  5. I am a “few months user” of Fonus. The customer service is great since each time I reached out to them, I got my problem solved. Do you know why the phone bill in Canada is so expensive? That is because there are only a few telecommunication companies in Canada. And the business is monopolistic here. So the more start-ups, the better for users.

  6. The service is a little glitchy. Sometimes I have had to reboot my phone in order to make a call after leaving home. It does seem to work as advertised. There are no bells and whistles that come with the Fonus app and is is not the least bit customizable but it does work. You get what you pay for. If you want a full service provider then expect to pay full price. Fonus comes no where near to charging what a full service provider charges so don’t expect it will be perfect. It is good….and sometimes good is good enough

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