SpeakOUT by 7 Eleven: Affordable Prepaid Plans

Are you looking for a cell phone plan but have limited budget? If you don’t make too many calls or send/receive plenty of texts, SpeakOUT by 7 Eleven may be the ideal choice for you. Prepaid cards start at only $25 and don’t expire for an entire year!

Who can Benefit from SpeakOUT?

SpeakOUT is ideal for those who just need access to a phone during emergencies. Also, SpeakOUT plans are great for kids who would like to reach their loved ones while away from home. Moreover, the prepaid plans are great for those who don’t want to pay monthly for a phone plan.

Why is SpeakOUT Different from other Phone Companies?

SpeakOUT stands out from the other phone companies due to the fact that their prepaid cards don’t expire for an entire year. Other companies offer prepaid cards for as low as $10 but they expire after a month or so. That’s not the case with SpeakOUT. Even if you buy the lowest valued card which is $25, the balance will not expire for an entire year. If you top up your card anytime during the expiry date, unused balance gets carried forward. This is great for those who use their phone rarely and for emergencies.

Is SpeakOUT Network Reliable?

Yes, SpeakOUT runs on Rogers Network. Rogers has one of the largest network in Canada with ample coverage. The Rogers Network provide reliable coverage for much of populated areas in Canada. To see the coverage map, click here.

speakout coverage map

Do I have to Pay Anything Extra?

Yes, you do have to buy a SIM card for $10. The SIM card is a 3-in-1 card which fits most phones. Also, you will need an unlocked phone to make phone calls. SpeakOUT does offer some very low end phones for less than $100.

Once you buy a prepaid card, making calls will deduce $0.30 per minute for local calls and $0.45 per minute for US calls. Long distance calls within Canada are also $0.30 per minute. Texts cost $0.15 per text. Incoming texts are free. There is a monthly regulatory fee of $1.25. These are all deducted from your prepaid card balance. Overall, since you can literally drag your balance for the entire year, you can have a cell phone plan for only $25/year!

You get voicemail, caller ID, call waiting for free. Checking voicemail goes against your airtime but here is a way to do it for free. Dial your SpeakOUT number from a landline or a phone which doesn’t charge you by the minute. Press the pound (#) key when you hear the voicemail greeting. Enter your voicemail password and follow the voice prompts to check your messages for free.

You can top up your account online through SpeakOUT. You can also transfer your existing number to SpeakOUT.

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