What is Pin Windows or Pin Screen and how to use it

Android’s pin windows or pin screen feature allows you to restrict individuals to one specific app on your phone. This feature is extremely useful when you want people to not have access to other apps when they borrow your phone. In order to come out of pin windows or pin screen, the user will have to enter the set password. Very few users are aware of this feature of Android and rarely use it.

How to Use Pin Windows or Pin Screen on Android

Before you hand over your phone to a borrower, simply go to Settings > Security and turn on Pin Windows or Pin Screen feature. If you are using Samsung phones, the feature is known as Pin Windows and located under Settings > Biometrics and security > Other security settings > Pin windows.

pin windows or pin screen feature

To pin an app to the screen, first you will have to open the app. Then, tap on the Recents button which looks like three vertical lines. Long tap on the icon of the app and press Pin this app.

turn on pin window

Once you have done the above, the app will be in view until you unpin it. To unpin an app, touch and hold the Recent and Back buttons at the same time. Unpinning logs you out of the phone and requires you to log back in using your password.

unpin apps

Now, you can safely let others borrow your phone without having to worry about whether they will see your personal messages or photos. Also, they won’t be able to access other sensitive information such as your browser’s history, unless you pinned the browser. For this feature to work correctly, you will need to have a working pin or password to access your phone. Password can be setup by going to your phone’s Settings > Security. It is highly advisable that you setup a password for your Android phone.

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