7 Apps for Students They Can’t Live Without

Studying can be tough, even for geniuses. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app for making certain educational tasks easier? Well, there are. I have listed 7 useful apps which helped me out a lot while I was studying. Hoping they help you out a bit as well. These apps for students are for Android phones.

apps for students

7 Amazing Apps for Students

  1. Citation Maker – Citing references properly can be a nightmare for students. It’s so easy to miss something. This is where Citation Maker comes in handy. Provide the app with all the information you have about a book, journal, website or video and it will generate a citation in APA or MLA format real time.
  2. Oxford Dictionary – With over 350000 entries, Oxford Dictionary mobile app is a go to app for students who need to look up meaning of a word. Unfortunately, data or wifi is required to look up words using the free version. The premium version allows the word database to be downloaded for offline use. You can try Merriam-Webster dictionary app if you require offline capability.
  3. Microsoft Office Lens – Using this app, you can easily take pictures of whiteboards, blackboards and documents and convert them to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files. The app also converts the image into text which can be shared with others.
  4. Google Drive – If you are a student who does homework across multiple devices then Google Drive is for you. Google Drive is a virtual drive where you can store your files and documents for retrieval from anywhere. The stored files can be shared with others.
  5. Desmos Graphing Calculator – Would be useful for advanced math students looking for a free graphing calculator. Using this app, you can plot polar, cartesian, or parametric graphs. For simple calculations, try Google Calculator.
  6. Evernote – Students = Note Taking. This is almost universally true for all students. Evernote makes note taking easy. The app allows you to input typed notes or scan handwritten notes, add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio. Once input, the material becomes searchable and easy to find.
  7. Alarmy – I don’t why I am including this app, but this is known as world’s most annoying alarm clock app. Why? The app can be configured to make you take a picture, solve a math problem, etc. to stop the alarm. Some alarms are also super loud. If you are a heavy sleeper, this app is for you.

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