Best Phone Plans for Students in Canada

Students are on a budget. They need maximum return from minimum investment. A mobile phone is an absolute requirement for most students. Whether it be for calling family members, keeping in touch with friends, research or simply entertainment. This article will outline some of the best phone plans for students in Canada.

Best Phone Plans for Students

Every student has a different expectation from a phone plan. Some require a lot of data, some unlimited texting and others tons of minutes for talking. Some students are very budget conscious and can live with a prepaid phone plan with very few minutes.

The plans discussed in this article will try to cover all of these expectations. A plan which has a balanced combination of talk, text and data is a good plan to go with.

phone plans for students

Best Talk and Text Phone Plans

My choice for best talk and text plan is Freedom Mobile’s unlimited nationwide talk and text for $19/month. It is a prepaid plan but for $19, not a bad deal. If you are not that much into signal and quality of calls, this plan would be ideal for you.

freedom mobile talk text student plan

Second in line is Public Mobile’s $25 unlimited talk and text plan. They also throw in 500mb bonus data. One caveat is that the data is on 3G network, which is quite slow. You will also need to sign up for Auto Pay.

Best Data Plans for Students

Phone plans with data are hard to review. The reason being, it all depends on how much data one needs. For the purpose of review, I will be looking at plans covering 6GB to 10GB of data, which is a modest range for heavy phone users. Wi-Fi is now readily available so the added data is useful when students are on the move or outside of a free wifi zone.

My first choice for the best data plan is Freedom’s Big Gig 10GB unlimited data plan. This plan often go on sale during Black Friday and Boxing Day to as low as $45/month. The speed is decent on fast LTE network. Unlimited talk and text is also included. Speed is reduced after 10GB data usage.

big gig unlimited data plan for students

If you are looking for reliable network coverage and faster speed, you can consider Roger’s Infinite Plans starting at $75/month for 10GB. Speed is reduced after 10GB. The plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide talk and text. Bell and Telus are also offering similar plans. It’s a bit pricey, but if you are really into data and not on a budget, these plans are great.

If you are already a loyal customer with any phone company, consider asking them for loyalty plans. These plans are not advertised and will provide you with additional data and minutes for possibly lower than what you are paying now.

Best Prepaid Plans for Students

If you are a student who doesn’t make too many calls or use mobile data at all, consider looking into our article about SpeakOut. Their prepaid plans start at only $25 year and good for making emergency calls. They also use Rogers network so you get good reception.

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