How to Browse Privately Using Firefox Android

Everyone deserves some privacy when it comes to their browsing habits. No one really wants their entire browsing history to be visible to their family members, friends or unwanted individuals. When it comes to the best browsers for web surfing, Firefox, along with Chrome, tops the list. This article discusses how to browse privately using Firefox.

Firefox – A Powerful Browser for Private Surfing

Firefox is one of the leading browsers when it comes to browsing privately. It doesn’t collect much user data and offers a Tracking Protection option. Also, when it comes to clearing the browser history in a zap, Firefox has a really cool “Quit” feature. We will talk about this feature shortly. 

Browse Privately Using the Private Tab

If you want to visit some sites and don’t want anyone to find out, open Firefox and tap on the menu icon, looks like three vertical dots, and select New Private Tab. In Private Tab, your search and browsing history is not saved. Once you are done browsing, simply close the browser and everything you visited will disappear.

browse privately with firefox private tab

Clearing Browser History Using the Quit Feature

Firefox also offers an option for clearing browsing history when the user exits the browser. A specific way of exiting must be done in order to take advantage of this method. In order to activate this feature perform the following:

  • Open Firefox app
  • Tap on the menu icon on top right, 3 vertical dots
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Tap on the checkbox for Clear Private Data on Exit to turn it on

firefox clear browsing history quit

Once the feature is activated, you will need to exit the browser by tapping on the menu icon and selecting Quit. Firefox will erase the browsing history as soon as the user quits. 

One thing to note is that if you quit the browser which had a sensitive window open, a screen capture of it may still be visible when the Recent button is pressed. So, before anyone sees it, tap on your Recent button and remove the Firefox window. 

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