How to Detect and Stop Robocalls from Scammers

Lately, scammers have been making increasing amount of robocalls day and night. Using modern technology, they are able to easily spoof numbers which appear local and from legitimate companies. This makes detecting their calls even harder. Here are some tips for detecting and stopping robocalls from scammers.

How to Stop Robocalls

Robocalls are usually made by a computer and not a real human being. If you are unsure if the call is real or not, pickup the call but do not speak. Often, the caller will ask you to say “yes” by asking you a relevant question. For example, you may be asked if you are able to hear them or not. If you say yes, they will capture that voice response and may use it to sign you up for a service you did not authorize. Other robocalls will end the call if you answer. These calls are programmed to leave a message only when the recipient doesn’t answer the call. The message is usually very threatening, demanding the recipient return the call or face legal actions.

stop robocalls and scammers

If you are using an Android phone, you can do the following to stop robocalls. Once you are certain the call is from a scammer, open your phone app. Tap on the number and select the info icon. Some options will now be given to you such as adding this number to your contact list, share or block the number. Tap Block to block the number.

Scammers will find new numbers to call you with. In that case, keep blocking them using the method above and in the near future, you will be receiving very few calls. Note, blocking the number sends them directly to the voicemail, so do check your voicemail from time to time, so it doesn’t get filled up with their messages.

If you are using Samsung phones, there is a Caller ID and Spam Protection feature you can use to identify fake calls. This service is provided by Hiya. One caveat to this service is that Hiya will have access to everyone who calls you, including your personal contacts.

Additional Ways to Avoid Being Scammed by a Phone Call

Save your contacts’ numbers in your Contacts app. This way, you will know who is calling you without having to guess. Avoid answering unknown callers. Most of the time they are scammers or telemarketers. Don’t expect local numbers to be legitimate. If you answer a call and the caller sounds legitimate, do not trust the caller 100%. If you are being asked to provide personal information, hang up and call the company back to verify if they are the ones contacting you.

If you suspect you were scammed by a caller, immediately notify your law enforcement agencies.

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  1. You made an interesting point when you mentioned that scammers have been making an increased amount of robocalls. Is it possible to file legal action against these scammers if you catch one? I would imagine that being able to sue a scammer would deter others from trying to hurt people.

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