How to Hide Lock Screen Notifications on Android Phones

Lock screen notifications let you see details of incoming messages, emails, etc. It’s a very useful feature of Android phones but if not setup correctly, could leak sensitive information to the prying eyes. By default, Android phones show contents of incoming notifications on lock screen. This article discusses how to turn off content of the notifications so others won’t be able to see what the notification is about.

hide lock screen notifications

How to Hide Lock Screen Notifications

The steps may differ depending on which Android version you are using. Also, some steps may be slightly different on newer phones. The steps given below apply to Samsung Galaxy series phones and are applicable to other Android phones as well.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Notifications or Lock Screen
  3. Scroll down and locate Notifications toggle switch. Tap on Notifications.
  4. Tap the toggle button to activate Hide Contents

In some older phones, the Notifications section may give you an option to not show notifications at all, show all notification content, and hide notification content. Choosing the last option will hide content of the notifications on lock screen.

That’s all. Now, your sensitive app notifications will not be visible to unwanted individuals. Privacy is one of the most important important factor for smartphone users and not blocking content of lock screen notifications simply exploits information which should remain private. It basically allows someone without access to your phone see which app sent the notification and exactly what’s in the notification.

Remember, hiding notifications is just one of the many steps toward securing your phone. Read our article on how to lock your apps for added privacy.

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