How to Keep Your Phone Cool While Playing Games

The phone uses a lot of processing power and battery to run a game. This can really heat up your phone. Here are some tips to keep your phone cool while playing a game.

keep phone cool during game playing

How to Keep Your Phone Cool

  1. Avoid playing in direct sunlight. Even if your phone is off, sunlight can really warm up the device. So, avoid playing games while in direct sunlight. This can overheat your phone and cause physical damage.
  2. Close other applications. Running other applications while playing a game can overburden your phone. Try to close as many other running applications as possible. This can be done by pressing your Recent button and closing all the programs. Some Android phones have an optimization feature which can close applications for you.
  3. Remove your phone cover. If you use a protective phone cover, remove it during the game play for increased ventilation. The protective cover may trap heat during the game play and heat up the device faster. Removing it while playing games can provide more air circulation and keep your phone cool. Just be careful not to drop your phone while the cover is off.
  4. Reduce screen brightness. Phone brightness has a lot to do with draining battery and heating up your device faster. You can reduce the brightness of your phone by turning off Adapting Display or Auto Brightness. A quick way to reduce the brightness is to swipe down your notification bar and adjusting the device brightness.
  5. Keep the graphics settings low. Some games allow you to choose graphics and visual display settings. Choose Medium or Low settings to keep your phone from working extra hard. Remember, higher the graphics processing power your phone has to use, the faster it will heat up.
  6. Don’t charge and play. Charging will heat up your phone even if you are not playing a game. Couple that with a graphics intensive game and you have a recipe for an overheated device.
  7. Use a cooling device. If you love playing games, consider seating near a fan to cool your device. This is not going to help a lot but will somewhat help cool your device.
  8. Upgrade to device to one with more memory. When a phone runs at its maximum memory capacity, it will overheat. If you are an avid gamer, consider upgrading to a phone which has great memory and processing power.

If you have other ideas for cooling your device during a game play, please share them with us using the comment form below.

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  1. You can cool your device by putting an ice behind the phone if u have android of 32 gb or 64 than u can do that otherwise dont do this ok

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