How to Make YouTube Videos with Your Smartphone

Most of us carry a smartphone with us at all times. The smartphone cameras are getting better and better by day and allowing users to shoot amazing videos which can be easily shared on popular video sharing websites like YouTube. In fact, thanks to the phones, people were able to capture critical and rare moments on camera which went viral and got millions of hits. You too can shoot great quality videos for the next YouTube hit. This article will discuss how to make YouTube videos with your smartphone.

Making YouTube Videos With Your Smartphone Tip 1: Shoot Horizontal Videos

You might’ve already noticed, most video sites has a specific area to fill when displaying videos. If anyone shot a video while the phone was vertical, the sites will black-out the empty areas around the video. If you want the audience to be interested in your videos, try to keep your phone horizontal for shooting in landscape mode. Also, remember, people are also going to be watching these videos on their monitors and horizontal videos look great on them.

make videos with phone horizontal shot

Tip 2: Use a Tripod for Videos

You might have steady hands but nothing beats a solid tripod. There are many tripods available in the market for smartphones. Invest in an affordable one and you will find your videos to be much better in quality. Of course, tripods are best for shooting videos which don’t require you to run around. If you don’t want to use a tripod, stay as steady as you can while recording. You can perhaps make your own tripod using household objects.

record video with tripod

Tip 3: Use Good Lighting When Possible

Natural day light is the best for shooting a video, but that’s not possible all the time. If you will be shooting a video at night, try turning on the flash. Use your phone camera’s built-in light adjustment features for best possible quality. The newer phones have excellent cameras for shooting in the dark, if you are thinking of becoming a serious video producer, consider investing in a better phone.

Tip 4: Always be Ready

Always be ready to record. If you need to login to your phone and start the camera, you may often miss out on critical moments. Put a camera shortcut on lock screen or have a quick button configured to launch the camera. In Samsung phones, the camera can be setup to start by pressing the power button twice. These settings are available through Lock Screen setting or camera app.

Tip 5: Record in High Definition

Adjust your camera settings to record in HD for better quality videos. Keep in mind that HD videos will use more space. So, you will need a large microSD card as a backup for shooting extra long videos. HD videos look great on bigger screens and are pleasing to watch. One drawback for having extra large video files is the upload time to YouTube if you don’t have a very fast Internet connection.

high definition videos

Tip 6: Pay Attention to Audio

Videos become much more entertaining when there is audio involved. If you will be narrating the videos, ensure you use a good quality microphone to prevent unnecessary noises. Be loud and clear when you speak and avoid shooting in areas where there is a lot of background or wind noise.

Tip 7: Edit With a Computer

Video editing can be done on your phone but it’s much easier on a computer. You can use software like Filmora to really spice up your videos. Filmora is expensive to buy but here is a tip. Filmora often has promotions where they give you the software for free. Keep an eye on give away sites for Filmora. The software is really great for enhancing videos.

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