How to Send a Text Message Using Your Voice (Android)

Being able to text message hands-free is a great feature of Android phones. Hands-free features are exceptionally useful while driving or when your hands are just not free. In fact, in some countries, texting and driving is against the law and it’s for a good reason. Texting distracts the driver and puts everyone on the road at risk. This article discusses how to send a text using your voice on Android phones.

text message using your voice android

Step 1: Turn On Voice Commands

Try something. Pick up your phone and say, “Ok Google”. If Google recognized your voice, it means your phone is already configured to accept voice commands. You can skip to Step 2. If you do not receive a response back from the phone, it means the voice recognition feature is turned off.

Here are the steps for turning on voice commands in Android: Open the Google app. Tap More or Settings icon. Tap Settings > Voice > Voice Match and toggle on Access with Voice Match. In some older phones the path may be Settings > Voice > “OK Google Detection”.

Once turned on, the phone will wait for you to make a voice command when you say “Ok Google”. 

ok google text message with voice

Step 2: Send a Text Message Using Your Voice

Say “Ok Google, text [your contact’s name as it is saved on the phone] that I need to meet him this weekend.” Alternatively, you can also say “Ok Google, Text David” and wait for the phone to respond to you for what to type.

The “Ok Google” feature is fun to play with. There are some more useful commands you can use while you are at it. Try saying, “Ok Google, show me my messages.” 

An alternate way of accessing Google Assistant is by long tapping the Home button. Using this feature, you can also make phone calls. To do so, simply say, “Ok Google, Call [contact’s name]”.

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