How to Transfer Files Between Phone and Computer Using Wi-Fi

Sometimes, the easiest way to transfer a file between a phone and a computer is to use Wi-Fi. This can happen due to several reasons. May be you don’t have the USB cable handy or the computer is not recognizing your phone once connected by a USB wire. This article discusses how to transfer files between your phone and computer using a Wi-Fi connection. These instructions are for a Android device.

Fun Fact: Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity“.

How to Transfer Files Using Wi-Fi

  1. Download and install WiFi File Transfer app from Play Store
  2. Connect your computer and phone to the same wireless network
  3. Open WiFi File Transfer app and tap on Start
  4. The app will provide a URL
  5. Type in the URL in your browser
  6. A File Browser will now allow you to transfer files between phone and computer
  7. To stop the transfer, tap on STOP

wifi file transfer between phone and computer

It is highly recommended that you use a secure network when transferring files. If you are using a public network, use the app settings to setup an access password. The app is free. However, the free version has a major limitation which is 5mb file size limit. So, this option is only good for small to medium size files.

Another app for transferring files is Xender. This app is very popular and has over 100 million downloads. The instructions are as follows: Download and Open the Xender app. Tap Connect PC. Create a Hotspot or Network. Connect to the created Hotspot or Network using your computer. Once connected, type in the URL provided by the app in your browser to transfer files.

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