How to Transfer Pictures from Phone to Computer (Android)

Most new phones have ample storage space and can store thousands of pictures before the space runs out. At that point, you will need to free up space by transferring the pictures to a personal computer. This article discusses how to transfer pictures from a phone to a computer to free up space or for any other reason.

transfer pictures from phone to computer

How to Transfer Pictures from Phone to Computer

The steps outlined below are applicable to a Android phone and Windows 10 computer. Follow these steps to transfer your pictures:

  1. Login to your phone and make sure the home screen is visible
  2. Connect the USB wire you charge the phone with, one end goes to the phone and the other end goes into the computer.
  3. Once connected to the computer, Windows will recognize the device
  4. Open Windows File Explorer. This can be done by right clicking on the Start button and selecting File Explorer.
  5. Look at the left pane and your phone should appear as a drive. If there is a microSD card inside the phone, that will also appear as a drive.
  6. Pictures may be stored within the phone or in the microSD card. Using the File Explorer, browse through both the phone and the card to locate DCIM folders. DCIM stands for Digital Camera Images. Double click to open the DCIM folder.
  7. Select all the pictures you wish to transfer
  8. Right click and select Cut
  9. Create a new folder on your C:/ drive where the pictures can be stored
  10. Paste the pictures there

The same steps above can also be used for transferring videos and other files from your phone to the computer. The same method can be used to transfer files from the phone as well. It is always a good idea to keep a backup of your precious pictures in a personal computer in case something happens to the phone. 

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