How to Turn On Automatic Replies in Outlook Android App

Automatic replies is an excellent feature of most email apps. Automatic replies allows you to send an email to an individual who is trying to contact you, but you are on vacation, busy in a meeting or simply out of the office. The Outlook Android app makes it very easy to setup automatic replies. Here is a pictorial guide on how to do it.

How to Setup Automatic Replies in Outlook Android

Step 1: Tap on the icon to open the Outlook menu options.

outlook menu options for automatic replies

Step 2: Tap on the Settings icon.

settings icon outlook

Step 3: If you have multiple email accounts, tap on the account you wish to setup the automatic replies for.

account selection for automatic replies

Step 4: Tap on the toggle switch for Automatic Replies to activate it. Then, enter in the appropriate automatic replies to be sent within your organization and outside of your organization. Or, you can just have one reply sent to everyone. Tap on the check mark to save the settings.

Outlook Android App doesn’t allow you to choose a date range for the automatic replies. You will need to manually turn it off by sliding the toggle switch once you no longer need the replies to be sent out. Consider using the Outlook Web App if you want to have a date range selected.

automatic replies options

When to Setup Automatic Replies

Consider setting up automatic replies when you are going on a vacation, will be out of the office for a day or several days, going on a business trip, in training, etc. If your customers or clients require your services while you are away, specify who would be your backup in your auto replies. Also, consider leaving out personal or sensitive details about why you are away. To make things interesting, you can always add a bit of fun in your replies. And remember to turn off auto replies when you are back.

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